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  Fink Simulators

My mission is to provide true-to-life flight simulators for vintage aircraft.

Most of the aircraft represented here can no longer be flown because they do
not exist anymore, except maybe in museums. The pilots of these aircraft were
true pilots, not dependent on computers, and with these simulators,
you can fly these aircraft just as the passed heroes of the sky did.

The flight characteristics of these simulators are designed around original
flight manuals and documents, and a considerable amount of research in
aerodynamics and hydrodynamics (for seaplanes) was completed to design the

There are no weapons used in these simulators.
If you are looking for violent games, then this site is not for you.

Tutorials are provided - You will learn:
  - Navigation, such as celestial navigation, radio navigation, and dead-reckoning
  - Flight engineer tasks
  - Takeoff and landings on land, sea, and snow
  - Flight maneuvers and acrobatics
  - Instrument flying
  - Mountain flying
  - Meteorology

This site and the associated simulators are under construction.
I can notify you via email when flight simulators become available;
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